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Pyrenees 4×4 Adventure
Pyrenees Tour Details
The ancient roads in the Pyrenees offer 4x4 owners Breath Taking views and Routes that only the most intrepid explorer’s dare to take on
Driving Day Details
Whether it be purely for fun, or a genuine desire to understand the exhilarating qualities of 4 x 4 off-road vehicles, the professional team at Protrax can help you achieve your goal
Morocco is not a place to look at; it is a country to be absorbed! Our Tours of Morocco are full of incredible views and fantastic mountain roads that await you!

The aim of Protrax Overland Adventures is to encourage owners of 4×4 vehicle to participate in a variety of off-road events in a controlled environment, and to encourage the owners to utilise the full potential of their vehicle ensuring maximum adventure and fun with the minimum effort and hopefully no damage to the vehicle or themselves.

But Please remember Protrax Overland Adventures is for you the 4×4 owner, and anyone is welcome to come along and participate in the events. It is there for you to sample and experience off-road driving under the watchful eye of the country’s leading instructors in and over a variety of differing terrain.

In addition to our already successful driving and training weekends at various locations around the country, and as well as the enormously popular Wild Adventure safaris in Wales and Wiltshire we are offering sanitised adventures in Europe and North Africa. Utilising Vince Cobley’s knowledge of exciting locations in Pyrenees, Spain, Iceland, Portugal and Morocco the club is coordinating various events overseas, from 2-5 day adventures in France to the 12-day tour to the awesome mountains and deserts of Morocco.

The trips will be aimed to accommodate people from all walks of life whatever their experience and whatever their vehicle with or without the family!

For those who wish to stay closer to home but would like to taste the spirit of adventure in a unique environment we are in the process of organising family fun days with an off-road and cultural theme at previously unused and historic venues.

You will find a brief explanation and schedule for a variety of adventure trips to be planned or all ready in place for this year. Some of these events will have a minimum and maximum number and subject to numbers the club reserves the right to change schedules or cancel events

Upcoming Events

20th Jul 2024
21st July 2024 – Wild Wales Safari Weekend

27th Jul 2024
28th July 2024 – Wiltshire Safari Weekend

11th Aug 2024
Tixover Quarry Driving Day

11th Aug 2024
On/Off Road Greenlane Navigational Fun Day

17th Aug 2024
4X4 Driver training day

24th Aug 2024
25th August 2024 – Wild Wales Safari Weekend

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