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The idea is to cross into Calais and then take four days to travel to a meeting point in Ukraine, where we will meet our guide and stay in a hotel/guest house, ready to start the Ukraine Adventure the next morning.  The cost of getting to the meeting point, and the return home, is NOT included in the entry fee.

There are no recognised camp sites in the areas we will be travelling, so we will wild camp and stay in hotels/guesthouses DBB on alternate nights, the cost of the accommodation and meals IS included in the entry fee.  At the end of the Ukraine Adventure we will all make our way home at our own cost and in our own way.

Charles and Yvonne will be planning a route from Calais to Ukraine to make the journey part of the Adventure, and will also plan a different route home.

You will be more than welcome to join them travelling in both or either direction, as your time permits.