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4×4 Training

"Hi Vince A few words about the training day today. Brilliant! Amazing tuition! Highly recommended! My friend Tony was the “novice” but I learnt things from the passenger seat. Toby came away well pleased and on another higher skill level. Simon, the instructor,  was awesome, as ever, and could not be faulted. Thanks for persevering with the day and making it happen. Cheers John"

Morocco Overland Adventure

"We have no hesitation in recommending ProTrax for your Morocco overland adventure.  Charles and Yvonne clearly have a wealth of knowledge combined with a love and passion for Morocco which ensures you get the most out of your trip. Unfortunately the controls rapidly being introduced to control the spread of the Coronavirus created unique and challenging obstacles which Charles dealt with in a controlled and positive manner, ensuring the group were kept informed and using his network of contacts to determine our best options for quickly returning back to the U.K. Rather than staying in Morocco, which they could have done Charles and Yvonne stayed with the group to ensure our safe return. Michael & Graham"

Greenlane Adventures – Wales

"just to say it was a great weekend really enjoyed it. Darren did a great job in getting us round. Lucky with the weather as well."

Morocco Mountains and Desert October 2019 Mike and Jules

"“Our first off-road adventure armed with a dusted down Land Rover D2, roof tent and Protrax ‘road book’ seemed slightly reckless but ........ Protrax had been very helpful from the outset answering queries and settling any doubts we had our vehicle, equipment and preparation so by the time we made our first CB contact in Spain we felt like old friends. The social side of the adventure was as unexpected as it was great and our group was full of fabulous characters. Charles and Yvonne worked hard at being unobtrusive but shared their knowledge along the way with good humour and sensitivity and this is really what turned the breath-taking drive across the Atlas Mountains into the Sahara (and back!)an unforgettable adventure. ..... We started preparing for our next adventure with Protrax the day after returning to the U.K. my wife and I now confirmed over-land adventure fans”. Mike and Jules  "

PYRENEES ADVENTURE SEPT 2019 from Neil and Carol

"If you're looking at the adverts and thinking 'should I?' we would wholeheartedly say YES! The Protrax trip with Charles and Yvonne is worth every penny, from the knowledge of tracks and the areas, down to taking the hassle out of the trip. The trip was amazing, we will definitely be back for another! Neil and Carol"

4×4 Training Day

"I’m just writing to say thank you for today, the instructor was very good and everybody learnt and enjoyed it. I’ll do the winch training day soon once I have fitted a winch. Kind regards Barry"

Overlanding in Morocco Adventure

"Hello Charles, I want to thank you for introducing Julia and I to ‘over landing’ and Morocco, we really enjoyed our adventure which pushed us (and our car ) to new comfort zones and introduced us to a wonderful cross section of like minded travellers. The whole trip was made possible and the more enjoyable by your and Yvonne’s knowledge, experience, sensitivity and humour all in good measure. We are planning to join you in future travels and are very interested in the Ukraine, Morocco Coast to Coast and Iceland trips. Once you have some more information regarding the Ukraine adventure please let us know. Equally, if you’d like me to let you have some ideas regarding the inclusion of Slovenia on the return leg, let me know. Our Discovery 2 currently resides in a garage in Cornwall where when changing oils the gearbox oil was found to be full of metalwork and the oil had only been changed the week of our departure! So a new gearbox from Ashcroft has been ordered along with transfer box and upgraded half shafts. The Garage thinks that the ACE system issues may be cured with a change of oil and filter. Whilst regretful, In the light of the above I think we did the right thing in and not tackling the 2nd part of Trip but making our way back gently. I will fit new metal bumpers ( with recovery points) in the New Year and will re-consider sleeping and packing options in the light of what we have learned. Thank you once again and we look forward to joining you again on a future adventure. Regards Mike & Julia"

overlanding in Morocco

"Firstly our thanks to Charles and Yvonne for organising the trip, no adventure, which it was. They looked after everything we needed and ensured we knew what was happening where we were going and boy was that necessary the desert is vast, the mountains high and the rock formations stunning. Our underbody protection justified the expense as was needed in a couple of places, and plenty 4x4 low range to add some excitement. The Hilux never missed a beat. The country has so much to offer and see and Charles and Yvonne ensured we saw and experienced as much as possible, all in all, a long trip coming from Scotland but a great trip if your thinking of Overlanding in Morocco think Protrax  Kevin and Jan   "

Morocco Road Trip

"Getting away from cows for any length of time is hard so getting away for 3weeks was challenging but because of the interesting culture & awesome landscapes of morocco, our longest holiday since 1986 was well worth the wait. We had a fantastic adventure made so much better because of our tour leaders Protrax's Charles & Yvonne, whose knowledge & guidance could not be bettered. It was the perfect balance of culture, scenery and most importantly great off-road driving, over mountains, across deserts, travelling interesting roads&playing in the sand dunes .thanks to our fellow adventurers we also had a good social side. The only problem now is how do you ever better or even equal this. Suppose I better ask Protrax... Thanks again Arthur & Gill dairy farmers from Cumbria."

Pyrenees Road Trip

"The road trip across the Pyrenees with definitely a first for me in many ways. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect! But I can happily conclude that it was an utmost amazing experience! The sights were truly beautiful, the pictures definitely don't do them justice! We were led by Charles and Yvonne, they made sure that we were all on the right track and kept us going smoothly, they were amazing guides! To anyone that may be considering this trip, I 100% recommend it. It was a lovely excursion and I'm very happy to have experienced it all. Richard and Jack Finch  "